Green Monster Records

Independent Music Label

About us

Green Monster Records is a music production company who accompanies aspiring musicians throughout their musical release journey, offering them services such as the recording, mixing and mastering of their music, and its distribution on all the main digital platforms.  

Playlist curation

We curate themed playlists on Spotify, including carefully chosen pieces of music associated to the genres we focus on, which are Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, Early Music, but also any hybrid genre that lies in the categories of Fantasy music, and mystical / magical atmospheres. Our playlists have been built carefully with quality pieces we genuinely loved, by artists that are mastering their art, and we are proud to be able to support our artists with relevant themes that they want to associate their own music with. We thus offer support through promotion by giving our artists the exposition they deserve, featuring them into our different lists and submitting it to places we know they would be appreciated as well.


Our team


Draggy Beatwalker

Green Monster, CEO


Roxane Genot

Founder, Artist, Manager


Jan Pouska

Founder, Artist, Director of Design

Our artists

We are proud to present a few artists who are currently releasing through Green Monster Records: